Rotaract Global Model United Nations
by Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare | August 21-25, 2013
  • London Westminster 2014 Rotaract Global MUN

    Same location where the first meeting of the UN took place on the 16th January 1946, hosted by then District 13 at Caxton Hall and presided over by the 1945/46 RI President Tom Warren, who declared it to be the “touchstone for a gesture of international goodwill unique in the history of Rotary”.

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  • Daily Updates and Rotaract MUN Newspaper

    Every day the Rotaract MUN Newspaper is delivered to Country Delegates and other participants who are part of our International Youth Conference.

    Visit our facebook page and twitter to find out the latest news.

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  • Youth Voice will reach United Nations in New York at RIUN Day

    “Your voice will reach United Nations” – that’s how we started first Rotaract Global Model United Nations event in Baia Mare, Romania.

    Now we have good news: 3 members of Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare will talk about RotaractMUN 2013 at United Nations in New York at RI UN Day.

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  • District 2241 Governors message to you!

    We are honored and proud to have Mr. Marian Liviu Mocan, our District Governor and Mr. Radu Popescu, our Past District Governor as supporters of Baia Mare TEAM 2013 Rotaract Global MUN!

    Click below to read their full message!

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  • Pool Party at Transylvania Castle

    The second day of Rotaract MUN ended with a much deserved pool party at Transylvania Castle.

    The fun started the minute we arrived as one of our participants, Han from South Korea, jumped fully clothed in the water kicking off the start of a great evening.

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  • RI President message to you!

    We are privileged and honored to have 2013-14 RI President Mr. Ron D. Burton as a supporter of Baia Mare TEAM 2013 Rotaract Global MUN!

    Click below to read the official letter!

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  • Conference Handbook

    You can now download the conference participation handbook. Please make sure to read it! You will also be provided with a print version when you arrive. Also do not forget to read the rules of procedure and study guides.

    Conference Handbook
  • Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare

    Baia Mare TEAM 2013 Rotaract Global MUN was founded and is hosted by Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare!

    Become our partner today and shape the future of Rotaract Global MUN!

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Welcome Message of the Secretary General

Secretary generalI am pleased to greet all prospective participants, chairpersons and professionals who support this unique initiative led by Rotaract TEAM Baia Mare in 2013. For centuries, youth around the world have shown incredible skills and willingness to bring about change in their respective contexts. Due to the interconnectedness that globalization and social media revealed in the last century, nowadays, young people share a global responsibility which is reflected through complex international projects such as Baia Mare TEAM 2013 Rotaract Global Model United Nations.

Baia Mare TEAM 2013 Rotaract Global Model United Nations is a youth - led conference which aims to provide young leaders, youth workers and junior professionals a tool for influencing the decision-making at a global level. I encourage participants to express their visions of the world in regards to the challenging political, economic and social contexts in which they develop as citizens, social actors and/or leaders. The theme of this conference is Youth: Global Actors for a New World. With the increasing number of demonstrations and manifests throughout the world, the young generation has to face the challenges of the past and act for change. In an instable political and economic environment, youth must be included in the decision-making process in order to ensure representativeness and transparency.

I want to remind everyone that this conference’s aim is not to create leaders, because you already are leaders, but to engage you in a two - way learning process. On the one hand, the conference and its team help youth to develop excellent public speaking, communication and negotiation skills as well as train them in using the UN language. On the other hand, participants bring vision, groundbreaking solutions and a holistic yet creative approach on the issues discussed during the conference. Only through cooperation will we be able to achieve our goal: to influence the decision-making and give voice to the younger generation. I trust that you can help us in our endeavours!

Young people have the unique opportunity to exercise decision-making and drafting resolutions to global issues; issues that reflect the young generations ‘needs while adding intelligence and value to the post-2015 development agenda. On this occasion, I would like to remind you all about the My World campaign which I personally endorse. I encourage all participants, supporters, Rotaract members and individuals to join this campaign by submitting their concerns on the online platform of the campaign.

Last, but not least, by participating in the Baia Mare TEAM 2013 Rotaract Global Model United Nations, you represent the change you wish to see in the world. Young people will lead by example and will be part of the global family by promoting the UN values and principles. We are looking forward to meeting you this summer in the beautiful city of Baia Mare!

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Alexandra Matei
Secretary - General | Baia Mare TEAM 2013 Rotaract Global Model United Nations



Baia Mare TEAM 2013 RotaractMUN teaches you that experience is not an individual process but a collective action. Do you want to be part of the change? Then, join us!



MUNs are not just about the knowledge and experience you gain, it's about the friendships you create!



Baia Mare TEAM 2013 RotaractMUN offers you an unique chance to express yourself, your voice will reach the desks of the UN! That is our mission!



We expect the best and we will give the best! Your work at the MUN will be the message you send to the world!